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Alma Mater/Reflections: On the corner of success; the interaction of NY and Humphreys where students truly work as they please the teachers efforts are unmatched they the seeds fro which brilliance is hatched as Mindsets change, the delinquency lacks students begin to academically prepare their backpacks.

The education, the attention, the atmosphere the teachers really care, they don't just try to get you out of here the school so clean, thanks to Alex and Gus more colorful than a school bus but safer than the streets would roll through the seniors represent the leadership learned in balm's crew.

Our incentives changed to "Jaguar Paws the colleges we will soon attend posted throughout the halls this is the poem the perspective of a senior these facts will always apply the end to this inspiration & creativity does not have date. By Gene Armenta - "Class of 2019"

Colors: Blue and White

Mascot: Jaguar

Motto: "Small School Big Opportunities"